Collings I-35 LC Vintage

New I-35 LC Vintage from Collings

This Collings I-35 LC Vintage, here with a Bigsby, is the latest iteration on the I-35 from the Austin, TX crew. Taking the now familiar 15″ semi-hollow design, Collings reengineered both their laminate, and center block recipes, bringing forward a new sound that is wholly steeped in vintage-tones. Featuring Collings custom-spec’d Throback pickups, this semi-hollow is a versatile guitar, more a blank canvas for your particular playing style, with an even response that really highlight the acoustic sound of this archtop.⁠

We took the vintage-inspirations one step further and ordered this subtly Aged Blonde model up with a Bigsby which not only adds another expressive option for your playing, but changes the string tension and break-over angle, adding another unique dimension to this boutique guitar.⁠

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